Transaction and Advisory Services
We represent our clients in an agile and effective way, implementing international standard procedures

Our specialized team represents our clients as tenants or buyers, profoundly understanding their business, current situation, and needs.

Tenant Representation Tenant Representation

Location has a significant effect on a company´s financial performance, business success, competitiveness, corporate image and productivity of human resources in the long term. An excellent choice contributes to organizational success.

PIX advises from strategic space planning, analyzing and qualifying the available properties in the market, and making the selection, negotiation, and closing of the transaction.

In-depth knowledge of the market is the critical factor in our success and that of our clients. As representatives of corporate clients, we achieve optimal results, faster and better-informed decisions, and more significant economic benefits by always representing the interests of your company.

Portfolios Disposition Portfolios Disposition

Companies need an integral real estate advisor that optimizes the use, performance, and value of their productive or unproductive real estate assets. PIX offers its clients substantial value in the sale, restructuring, or development of real estate portfolios, identifying opportunities for profit generation.

Our corporate clients achieve their profitability objectives on their real estate assets with the help of our multidisciplinary team, with specialties by asset-class and comprehensive knowledge of the market. PIX has built valuable experiences in restructuring and selling assets and portfolios, positioning itself as one of the most recognized companies in the corporate real estate sector and with the highest added value in Colombia.

Agency Leasing and Selling Agency Leasing and Selling

The success of an office project, shopping center, or industrial park depends on its location, a product adapted to market needs, a commercial and marketing strategy led, executed and controlled by specialists.

PIX manages the commercial team for the project developer or investor, integrating market information into the decision-making process, with its superior transactional capacities.

PIX leads commercial and marketing strategies, communicates to the market and carefully positions a real estate product, facilitating the closing of transactions.

PIX technology solutions keep the owner informed of its management and sales activities while providing thorough information to the sales team, facilitating the project´s sales work and  commercial success of the project.

Consulting and Real Estate Strategy Consulting and Real Estate Strategy

Our knowledge of the real estate market in Colombia, our experience gained through multiple local real estate transactions, and the diversity and depth of services enable PIX to deliver real estate and financial solutions in line with market realities and adjust to client needs.

We think consulting and planning are crucial to obtaining the best financial results. PIX offers clients market research, broker opinion of value, strategic planning for the disposal of real estate, coordination of due diligence of properties, highest and best use analysis, feasibility studies, acquisition advisory services, asset management of properties and portfolios. A full range of advisory services to suit your specific need.

Case Studies

Johnson & Johnson / 11.821 m2 / Tenant Representation

Customer Requirements and Challenges

Tenant representation for 12,000 m2 of office space, to consolidate four facilities into a single company headquarter in Bogotá, and to implement the operation of a regional Shared Services Center. One of the main challenges was to secure a building that met area requirements, delivery date, gradual occupation, location and technical specifications. In the course of the negotiation process, the initially selected alternative got out of the market; PIX acted quickly and effectively in its replacement, without affecting the project’s schedule.


The project was executed in coordination with the client’s Real Estate area at its head office. After defining the requirements in detail, the alternatives were identified in existing and planned projects that fulfilled the requirements, located in all corridors of the city. The project required compliance with all of the Company’s high life & safety corporate standards, more demanding than local standards, which required a deep support in the technical evaluation of alternatives. PIX developed a complete and orderly analysis of options, developed the negotiation strategy through the preparation of RFP’s, analysis of responses, preparation of LOI’s, negotiation meetings and discussion of the text of the lease, which concluded the process of successful way.


The client consolidated the operation of four offices in a single building, located in the most convenient area for the majority of employees. The requirements of the parent company were met with positive results in the negotiation of terms and conditions. The selected building is a LEED Platinum certified building.

CEMSA / 14.000 m2 / Agency Leasing

Customer Requirements and Challenges

PIX acted as leasing agent for the placement of Towers 3 and 4 of the Ciudad Empresarial Sarmiento Angulo project, the most relevant project in the Bogota office market. The objective was to identify potential customers who needed large areas, willing to be located in the Calle 26 corridor and who wanted to be in a project with the highest technical specifications. The main challenge of the project at the time of launching was to position a non-conventional area, and convince corporations of the great benefits of the location, which marked the beginning of intensive development along this office corridor.


PIX took advantage of the deep knowledge of the market and the product, to identify potential customers through segmentation and direct contact. In the process, the need for large spaces was identified with top-tier state agencies and global companies, whose growth was made difficult by the limited supply and quality of buildings. The high quality of the project, at very competitive prices, together with the ease of travel to and from the area, allowed many companies to make the decision to occupy large areas in the project.


PIX successfully completed four transactions with a total area of 14,000 m2 of leased offices. The area was taken over by government entities and a multinational insurance company, previously located in a corridor in the north of the city. In all transactions very favorable terms were achieved for the parties, so both the owners and the tenants were satisfied with the results.

meridiano 116 / 5.570 m2 / Agency Leasing

Customer Requirements and Challenges

Agency leasing of 6,000 m2 office building in Autopista Norte Bogotá. The most important challenge was to identify a client of high credit quality who would occupy the entire building, under terms and conditions that were viable for the owner. Considering the moment of the market in which there was a very wide offer of offices, a favorable situation for the tenants, the negotiation process concluded in a successful business for both parties, with a single tenant.


PIX analyzed the product prior to its construction, and formulated the necessary recommendations to improve the competitiveness of the property. PIX performed a SWOT analysis of the project and identified the most important attributes to highlight in the commercialization process and mitigate its weaknesses. A marketing strategy was developed to position the product in the market and identify potential customers who had a need this size. The building was widely promoted with the coordination and participation of other companies of real estate service firms, to expand business opportunities. Permanent monitoring of all opportunities was carried out, and the decision process of the multinational client who leased the building was facilitated with information and product knowledge.


PIX concluded a transaction with a global client, which initially took 80% of the office area with the option of 100% growth, which was executed in the months following the closing. In the negotiation, very favorable terms and conditions were obtained for the owner and tenant (lease price, term, grace period, flexibility), taking into account the market conditions of that moment favorable to the tenants.