MidPoint 19 with certification in LEED

21 December, 2017

The refurbishment of Midpoint 19 and fit-out for a government entity has been completed in October 2017. After a total renovation incorporating the structural reinforcement, the installation of new highly efficient equipment, the replacement of the facade system, and fire protection systems, el building meets now the highest technical standards. As its name suggests, Midpoint enjoys a central location and access to the Transmilenio public transportation system, technical support and savings in operation, and an excellent cost/benefit ratio in the city. In september of 2017, the USGBC granted to Midpoint the LEED Core and Shell certification in the Gold category for its environmentally conscious intervention which the following results:

  • Use of materials and resources: The project recycled 99.69% of all waste generated during the work, managed to reuse 98% of the previous structure making structural improvements to the building, and additionally encouraged the local economy using 40% of the budget in local materials.
  • Consumption of water: The use of potable water for sanitary equipment was reduced by 38%. Likewise, a green roof was installed with priority to native plants without the need for permanent irrigation.
  • Energy efficiency: It was demonstrated by energy modeling an improvement of 25.71% when comparing to the previous use of the building. High efficiency LED luminaires were installed in all common and private areas, and high-efficiency motors were specified for all mechanical equipment, guaranteeing the best performance with low consumption.
  • Quality of the interior environment: Paints with low contents of VOC’s were specified, guaranteeing the oxygen condition during the construction and for the future occupants. Likewise, an air quality plan was followed up at all stages, showing concern for the workers and future occupants of the building.

We managed to make a great building with minimal impact on the environment, maintaining sustainable practices from the design stage and throughout the work.

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